Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fount and Krystal's mini makeover...

I was really excited when some of our best friends asked me if I would help them decorate their house. They are ALWAYS doing nice things for others and it is not often that I get to do something for them. I couldnt have jumped fast enough at the chance to help them I LOVE doing this sort of thing. So in some ways it felt like they again were doing something for me by letting me decorate their home. I hope they truly love it We still have some things left to do but this was what we have so far!






Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reese Taylor collection...


Ruffle Capri:

$22.00 you provide fabric

$26.00 we provide fabric


Hadley ruffle top:

$25 you provide fabric

$30 we provide fabric


tie top:
$25.oo you provide fabric
$30 we provide fabric


Double ruffle pants:

$26.oo you provide fabric
$29.00 we provide fabric


Megaphone top:

$26.00 you provide fabrics

$29 we provide fabrics

Single Ruffle Pants

single ruffle pants:

$25 you provide fabric

$28 we provide fabric

The MJ Dress

MJ Dress:

$45.00 you provide fabric

$60 we provide fabric.

MJ dress can also be worn with ruffle pants or ruffle capris.


Mia dress:

$25 you provide fabric

$30 we provide fabric

This dress is great because it can grow with your child.

Start it off long as a dress, as the child grows it can be worn with leggings (as shown above), and then as a shirt with pants.

Friday, January 15, 2010

HE woke ME up to spend time with HIM this morning! WOW!!!!!

I know a lot of you are going to roll your eyes when you start to read what I am about to write. Crazy part is those of you I can see rolling your eyes are some of my best friends but regardless of what anyone thinks about me, I have to write about this because when the Holy Spirit enters your heart it is hard not to shout about it from the mountain tops.

It starts with last night.
I got in bed and prayed. It was not a long prayer just a defeated prayer. I cant follow through with anything, My life if disorganized, and worst of all I never spend anytime with you anymore God. It was a depressed, helpless, low kind of prayer.

I am Not an early riser....EVER. This morning I woke up at 6:20am. It was a sudden wake up. It was like someone had called my name and it startled me enough to wake me up. The even crazier thing was I wasn't tired when I woke up...I am hard to wake up and even when I get up it takes awhile for me to get really awake. This morning when I woke up the first thought that went through me mind was (Not kidding, first thought) "God is waking me up to spend time with him."I realize this and get up. I walked down stairs and got some breakfast. Since it is hard to do a bible study and eat I decided to talk to God (like I would my closest friend) while I ate . It was a good idea because I needed to get all the things that have been bothering me lately off my chest and who better to talk to than God. I also thought it could help me get in the right mind set for the Beth Moore bible study on Esther that I was going to get into when I finished.

I finish my breakfast and my therapy session and started my bible study. It was on Esther. I had in my mind that this study was going to talk to me about how to be a better woman. I thought that because that is what it said it was about on the cover of the study.
***** But today God had something else in mind. Today's bible study was on the VERY THING that I had just pored my heart out about. My problems where not related to womanly type issues (not that I dont have my share of those too). The issues were more closely related to money, self control, consistency, and getting my life in order. It did not hit me until the last set of verses I was suppose to read at the end of the study that GOD WAS TALKING TO ME!!! He placed today's lesson in my lap to help me with all the things I had just told him about. It is putting chills down my spine right now!!!!! I mean he really TALKED TO ME! I told him my problems and in the matter of minutes he started telling me what to do and not just telling me what to do but also encouraging me too. He was making me feel better just like I would try to do for one of my friends. I am totally overwhelmed with emotion because this morning God took time out of his busy morning to have breakfast with me.

Sometimes we throw open a bible and say a quick "speak to me God" sort of prayer. And after we flip through the bible we think to ourselves "God doesn't speak this quickly", or "it takes time and I have to look for anything that could possibly be a sign", and "why cant he just write me a letter that says dear Randi, you need to ...." But sometimes, or at least today he did write me that letter and it was immediate. It was (is) so heart warming that I didn't want him to stop talking.

I needed to share that with my blog because...

I needed to share it because he tells us to tell of His WONDERFUL MERCY and GREAT LOVE.

I also needed to have it recorded for myself for the day when I forget that he is present in my life and that I am worth waking up to spend the morning with. GOD (THE GOD who created the entire world) woke ME(insignificant me) up this morning because HE wanted to spend this morning TALKING with Me!..... WOW!!!!!! I mean WOW!!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

We love Breanna 10/09

Cara's niece lives an hour away but comes to see Cara almost every weekend. One night they came over to watch football and I could tell Breanna was bored. Reese was wanting to dress up and so Breanna was asking where her dress up stuff was. So I turned it up a notch. It was fun for all. Even the spectators. I think that not only Breanna was surprised that I dressed up with her but Cara, Brian and Cara's parents never expected me to come down decked out as well. Cason has learned to expect anything.

please excuse the falling off band aid on my knee.

My little jumping bean 10/09 (updating)

Friday, January 8, 2010


He was amazing at this. He did over 20 flips in one turn.

Reese and Mommy riding the horse at the festival....she didnt love it.

...he loved it!
Nana and Parker.

Reese checking out the baby chicks.

parker sliding down the big slide.

waiting in line with his Tribby.
If you are wondering where Cason is in all these pictures. This is the month he started on his worst rotation he will have of all 5 years.

October 09

PArker above and his brother is below. AGAin at the ZOO!

this time with Tribby and Nana.