Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Parker broke his arm. :(

Last night Parker and his Nana were playing on the floor. They were so excited to see each other since they have been apart for 2 weeks. They were playing flying angel when Parker landed wrong and broke his left arm. We knew something was wrong but he hadnt fallen that hard so we didnt think too much of it until he was still crying an hour later.

I am however happy to report that my husband after 3 years of med school knows a thing or two. Cason looked at it and said that he thought he had broken his arm. I was like "no way, he didn't fall that hard". Cason explained what kind of break he thought he had and we were off the the emergency room.

(let me remind you we are still not at home so all of this has happened while we are here in GA. Meaning in Memphis we would have called our family Dr. Jeremy Swymn :) who would have told us where to go and what to do. Knowing Jeremy he would have come to our house because he is just awesome like that. Anyways we have no idea where to go.)

We drive 40 min. to the children's hospital to get there and discover that Parker is no longer acting hurt. Cason is still saying it could be broken and I am thinking he has not broken his arm and we are about to pay out the wazu for this emergency visit. The only thing that made me nervous to leave was Parker was still holding his arm when he wasnt trying to use it. However we did decide to leave because it was going to cost us at the least $500, they probably would only be able to splint it since they cant put a cast on it while it is still swollen, we would still have to go to a Dr. the next day to get a cast put on, and since he didnt seem to be in anymore pain there was no reason not to wait until morning.

We leave the emergency room and decide to call Dr. Bruce the Pediatric Ortho Dr. in the place that Cason has been working to see if he can fit him in in the morning (today). At 7:30 this morning Parker wakes up crying ( he normally wakes up sometime AFTER 9 and not crying usually singing or talking to himself) when I got in there he said "Mommy my arm hurts".

(Now I feel like the worlds worst mom and wife, because truth is I totally thought Cason was wrong about his arm being broken)

Dr. Bruce saw us at 10am this morning and they were AWESOME!!!! They were so nice to him and they took some x-rays and YES in fact he had broken his arm, not only had he broken it but he broke it exactly the way Cason had said he had. He got a tiny red (Go Dawgs!) cast put on his left arm.
The most amazing part of the entire thing is Dr Bruce told the lady who was checking us out not charge us anything. WOW!!!!!!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!! Cason told me when he got home that Dr. Bruce is one of the only Pediatric Ortho Dr's in Atlanta and he is ONE OF THE VERY BEST!!!! The people in the waiting room next to us had driven 3 hours to see him.



Amanda's News said...

POOR PARKER:( I can't believe that happened! But points for Cason for knowing his stuff:) I bet your mom felt awful too. God is so amazing! That is awesome that they didn't charge you...what a blessing. We are sooooooo ready for you guys to get back to Memphis!

Thomas woke up yesterday with a fever and I've been loading him up with tylenol and ibuprofen. Charlie had a low grade fever last night as well. I had just gone back to working out on Monday and now due to sickness am stuck at home again.

I need my workout partner to keep me on course:) By the way how are you feeling?

Kristin Nichols said...

Oh my gosh! Poor thing! I think I would have been just like you were and not think my husband was correct, especially if it didn't look broken and he wasn't crying anymore. How long does he have to have the cast on?

Blessed said...

Amanda told me about Parker this morning. Poor thing. I hate that. I bet he looks cute in his little cast, though.

When are you coming back?

The Shirley's said...

Kristin and Carrie I dont know how or where to answer your questions so I will just do it on my page. We are getting back Saturday night the 22nd. :) :) YEAH!!!! I can not wait! So we will see everyone on Sunday!

Amanda's News said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! Parker looks so different. He looks so much older, so much like a little boy now! When did that happen??? I love his face in those pictures, like he is so excited to have a cast on! Great memories:)
p.s.-i will relay the message to carrie to invite you again.

Anne said...

I love the second photo. He looks so proud of his new cast! :)

Anne said...
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Mitzi said...

Poor Parker! He doesn't look too upset in the pictures. He has gotten so big! May God keep you safe while you are away.

BridgeBuilders said...

I can not believe Parker broke his arm. You should have called us. Jeremy said to tell you thanks for the shout out on your blog. We need to get together soon!

The Robertson's said...

Bless his little heart! Of course something like that would happen out of town. I hope you still had a good time with your famiy! Hope you are feeling well! It's getting close!