Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Still 3cm but a bigger 3cm, still 50% effaced, she is low but not as low as she will get.
I can be induced on the 26th if I want but I am not sure that I want to do that since last time didnt go so well. I am still saying a prayer that God will send me into natural labor this weekend. I think instead of asking everyone to pray for me to have patience (which I am really no good at anyways) lets pray for labor this weekend. Okay?! :) Thanks ! In all seriousness please keep us in your prayers.


Amanda's News said...

You crack me up! I haven't read your blog since Sunday and boy you've been busy typing:) I know how anxious you must feel waiting for little Reese to get here. You just have to let God handle when he wants to present her to you. I'm not saying don't get induced, I'm saying God will let you know if she is coming on her own or he will direct you in having a little help in getting her here. Just try not to worry about it. If she doesn't come and the 26th creeps up on you then make a decision. (Plus I would love to be right about her due date:)

Glad that Parker is feeling better. Thomas really needs his buddy back in good health! (If only I could get Thomas healthy too:)

Thanks for having us all over Monday night. Your house looks amazing! I can't believe all the changes you have made to it. Your mom did such an awesome job on Reese's room! You better post new pics of kitchen, Reese's room, and your old bathroom. I don't know where you get the energy!

Whitney Cantrell said...

Done! Love you.

The Hazlewoods said...

Randi, I know exactly how you feel. I never dilated 1 single cm! Once I had my csection the dr said that Sam never would have dropped on his own, so the csection was inevitable. If she doesn't come before the 26th...I will pray for you guys to make the right decision...but I will definitely say some big prayers that she comes on her own THIS weekend. Hang in there and take care of youself! Keep us posted! Love you!

The Shirley's said...