Tuesday, October 9, 2007


For all of those who know Kimberly Simmons I am sorry to report that yesterday afternoon around 4pm her mom passed away.
2 months ago she was rushed to the hospital with trouble breathing. When they got her there they did some test and found that she had cancer in her liver. They were having trouble getting her out of pain and the hospital in Searcy was not able to identify where her cancer originated from. They decided to send her to Houston where one of the best cancer hospitals was located. She was flown there about a month ago and on her arrival she caught a serious infection that put her in ICU for days. They couldn't test the cancer until the infection was gone or stable. The infection took over her body shutting down major organs as well as causing her to become septic. I am not sure when but at some point they tested the cancer because Kimberly told me that they found out that her cancer was already in stage 4. The cancer had spread so fast to every area of her body that there was really no treatment that could stop it. With all that her body was going through (with the infection) there was no way that it could have gone through anymore strain. At the end of last week they decided that her condition was fatal and that she would be more comfortable flying home and having hos pis set up in her home for her last days. Yesterday she was flying home from Houston (Kimberly's dad was flying with her) when she stopped breathing. Kimberly's dad said that when they were putting her on the helicopter she opened her eyes and they got to talk one last time. The family is having a really hard time and has requested prayers to help them get through this hard time.

Letha Hatcher was 56 years old and left behind a Husband Terry, Son Nathan (28), Daughter Kimberly (31), Son in law Paul (34), and 2 grandchildren that she adored. Her own mother is also still living.

If anyone wants to send flowers or cards to the family Kimberly's home address is 335 Fairview Rd, Searcy AR, 72143.

A memorial service will be held Saturday at 5pm at the Downtown COC in Searcy Arkansas.

Letha's body is being donated to a research facility in Memphis TN.


KLAMSA said...

Mrs Letha Hatcher was one of the most wonderful christian people I have ever met. Mrs. Hatcher was my daughters kindnergarden teacher.
My heart just breaks thinking of the loss for her family. She was a angel on earth. She had so much patience with children. My daughter is now in the sixth grade and never have we experienced a greater teacher than Mrs. Hatcher. Again my family greaves with you and sends our condolences.

Kim, Shane and Shelby Allison
Jackson, TN

Amanda's News said...

I can't even imagine what Kimberly is going through. My heart aches for her and her family. Thanks for putting that information on your blog. I am at a loss for words.

Joel Maners said...

Letha taught both of our daughters at JCS kindergarten here in Jackson. She was a wonderful teacher. She also was involved in the deaf ministry at Skyline Church where they attended. We will always remember her for her kindness and generosity.

Whitney Cantrell said...

I don't know them but I just can't imagine losing my mom so early. They will be in my prayers. The wonderful thing is she is in her Father's arms now, no more pain or suffering. God bless them.

kathryn said...

I read Joel Maner's blog and just read about your mother's death. Breaks my heart. She touched our lives in so many ways. Molly was in her first kindergarten class at JCS. Letha's creativity and love of learning was evident in every corner of her classroom & in the twinkle in her eye & the smile on her face. Molly thrived in her classroom; she like many others excelled because of Letha's direction...most of of because she loved what she was doing and loved her kids. We grieve with you and are so sorry for your loss. I remember the day she taught her class The Macarena...it still makes me smile. So many stories, so many wonderful memories are just rushing through my mind. Please give our love to your dad. Mrs. Hatcher's passion for teaching lives on in Molly - she draws on things she learned & did in her classroom - all the years later. She is now in the 11th grade and enjoys teaching at camp and will start as a tutor for the elementary school at the school she attends. Precious Letha...she will live on in the many lives she touched. Our hearts are with you all. Blessings, Jim, Kathryn & Molly Stephens, Albuquerque, NM
(formerly of Jackson TN)