Friday, October 26, 2007

She's perfect!!!

We are going to switch things up here and let Randi take a break since she did give birth today. All I had to do was play cheerleader. Anyway, Reese was born at 2:25 PM on 10/26/2007. She was 7lb 15oz and 19.5in. Randi did great! Once they started the induction she dilated very quickly. Once she got to 10cm all it took was 4 good pushes and Reese Taylor made her debut. To make things easier for Mommy she even came out face down (OP for all of you ob/gyn veterans). Every prayer was answered beyond our wildest dreams. I think God rolled her over for mommy over the past two days. Randi wants me to add that she didn't need any stitches post-delivery. Quite a better outcome than when Parker bulldozed his way out. He couldn't help it, he has a big noggin. Randi and Reese are both doing so wonderful! They are lying in the hospital bed right beside me while I type. Not everyday am I surrounded by the 2 most beautiful women in the world! Parker is pretty excited about his baby sister. It probably helps that the stork brought Parker a tractor and some farm animals when he delivered Reese. He was really cute holding her and giving her some brotherly love. Thanks to all of our friends who have been keeping us in their thoughts and prayers. You definitely made this such a great experience for our growing family. We will post pictures as we get them downloaded from the hospital, we have been having trouble getting them to work. Just take my word that she is the most beautiful baby in the history of the world (not that I am biased in any shape or form). I think she looks like her old man (again this is probably wishful thinking). Thanks again and hope to see you all soon!


Blessed said...

We can't wait to see her! I heard she is so cute. Can't wait for pictures on the blog, either! So glad you had an easier delivery and that she is healthy.

Love ya!

Kristin Nichols said...

Congratulations! I'm glad this delivery went a lot better than Parker's. Can't wait to meet your new addition!