Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Surprise! Happy 78th birthday Granddaddy!

Parker at 4am Friday morning....MUCH TO AWAKE for a trip this long.

Reese the entire trip. She slept the whole time! :)

Here he is, the BIRTHDAY BOY with his great granddaughter.

Nannie with her newest baby.

Here we all are pilled in the car with no room to spare.

We decided last week that it would be so fun to surprise my Granddaddy and drive 7 hours from Memphis to Atlanta for his 78th birthday. He had not seen Reese yet and it was killing he and my Nannie. They are coming to Memphis for Thanksgiving and Christmas and they thought it would be too much for them to come at her birth too. This seemed like a good idea to them until the weeks kept adding up and they still hadn't seen her. Every time we talked to Granddaddy on the phone he kept saying how it would be such a good birthday present if we would bring his great granddaughter to see him on his 78th birthday. He was kind of joking but also wishful thinking as well. So Thursday night we made the final decision and packed our bags and at 4am Friday morning Mom, Dad, Cason, Parker , Reese and myself headed for Atlanta. (Chad and Natalie flew Friday afternoon to meet us and rode back with us) It was a circus act getting there and back. We rode in Mom's expedition that holds 8 people with little to no luggage. We were 8 people but with 3 girls and 2 babies there was more than a little luggage. It turned out to be such a GREAT weekend. We got there around 2pm Friday and totally surprised them. We left Reese on the front steps and knocked and then we hid. Granddaddy came to the door and I wish I had had a picture of his face when he saw what the mail man brought him for h is birthday.


Mitzi said...

How sweet! I LOVE surprises!

Blessed said...

Looks like fun! I want to come back over when I can actually stay a little longer!

Charlie & Jennifer Senn said...

Randi - glad you're blogging. Your children are precious...can't wait to see more of the family. The family picture in the car is great!