Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve Party

After we ate dinner Parker opened all his presents from us since he was getting a train table from Santa and we knew he wouldnt want to stop playing with it to open the other presents....we were right.
Aunt Natalie and Uncle Chad bought him bongo drums, all I can say is this could come back to haunt them one day when they have little ones.

After Parker opened his presents he handed out his presents to everyone.

After Parker's gift opening we played taboo. Nannie and Granddaddy as always were the real entertainment. They hate this game but they are the most fun to play with. Nannie promises every year that she will not play next year and every year she plays again.

After the game Dad, Mom and our friends Marcus and Becca decided to put on Parker's animal mask and try to give him nightmares....just kidding, sort of. It was to be funny but it was kind of freaky.

This was my first Christmas at my house. This is all my new plates, chargers and center pieces I got for Christmas (along with my new table and chairs). I had 13 people over for dinner Christmas Eve night. My Mom, Dad, Nannie, Granddaddy, Chad, Natalie, Natalies Mamaw and Mom, Mamaw's friend Dewey, Marcus, and Becca. It was CRAZY I felt like a grown up. Actually I felt like a kid playing "grown up".

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