Friday, May 23, 2008

5 YEARS!!!!!!

It all started May 24th, 2003

Last day without kids....

Parker Bryant 8-10-05

Reese Taylor 10-26-07

Cayman Islands '08

just a few pictures over the last 3 years...

Cayman Islands '06

We have been married for 5 years! Wow! We have done so much in these past 5 years. In some ways it seems as if we just got married and in others it is like I cant remember life without him.


Our 1st year:
While for some it is a tough year for us it was like playing house. I honestly most of the time felt like we were getting away with something. Cason was in his Senior year at Lipscomb and I was working for a dentist office. We lived across the street from campus and Cason walked to school. Every night when I would come home from work we would go eat at the Lipscomb cafeteria (that was great for a new wife who had no idea how to cook!) I only worked till noon or 3pm on Fridays so most Friday afternoons we were both done at noon to hang out. Most nights after dinner Cason was playing a intramural game of some sort so I always got to be the soccer wife. It was fun because we were the only married ones and it was nice not having to spend hours getting all made up to look casual at a game. I liked when we would go out with our friends on the weekends and we would get to go home at the end of the night together. I also loved the formals and all the other stuff that made our first year of marriage so fun!

Our 2nd year:
We moved to Memphis, away from all of our friends and family. I have to be honest it was rough for a few monthsssssss. Not with us just life in general. Although I have to say it was one of the best things that has ever happened to our marriage. We became SO much closer that year. We really depended on each other and REALLY became each others best friend. We also learned a little about birth control and how it is a lie when they tell you that it takes about 3 months for it to get worked out of your system. Parker was growing inside of me after one month of being off the pill. One of the 2 best things that has ever happened to us! We became pregnant with our first baby. We were also in Cason's first year of Medical School. It actually wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. He was home more than I was and he would study while I was still at work so that we could hang out when I got home.

Our 3rd year:
Our baby boy was: Parker Bryant, August 10, 2005, 7lb 7oz. This proved to be a challenging year for us, not having a clue as to what we were doing parenting wise, but faking it non the less. We also bought our first house. I LOVED IT! It was the one I wanted and thought we could not get. I was so pumped when we got it. Cason also made it possible for me to stay home with Parker. He took on a night job at the hospital and he will never know what that meant to me because there are no words to come close to explaining how much I appreciate him allowing me to have my dream. Cason was also in his 2nd year of Med school and again he was amazing. We also started making some AMAZING friends.

Our 4th year:
LOVED LIFE!!!! We loved Memphis, we loved our new friends who were more like our family by this point, loved our home, loved each other still, My brother and parents moved to Memphis which was AMAZING! Missed our friends and family that were still in Nashville but saw them as much as possible. Cason was in his 3rd year of med school and this took him from us a little more. That wasn't great but when he was home it made us appreciate it more.

Our 5th year:
Our 2nd baby was born, Reese Taylor October 26th, 2007. Our family is complete (unless God has plans for us we don't know about). Cason got a spot in one of the most competitive residency programs, Campbell Clinic and it is here in Memphis, we get to stay in this place that we consider home. He has done AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING in school. I am married to a smarty pants!!!! We just sold our house a week ago because we are hoping to move to a larger one....we don't actually have another one yet but details details. Our first house has just gotten too small for our family that has doubled in size.

My husband has gotten more precious to me each year. He is constantly doing everything in his power to make MY life perfect. He works all night (tonight he is working) after working all day just so that we don't miss out on anything. He gives our kids baths most nights and puts them to bed so that I can have a breather even though he has worked all day too. He works out to stay in shape, he dresses nice and takes pride in his appearance to look good for me...and he does look good and I don't tell him that nearly enough! He is FUNNY, normally he is the one laughing at other peoples jokes but he is hilarious himself. He is so much fun to watch a stupid movie with because of his laugh, it is the most infectious laugh and it is one of the things I fell in love with. He is kind to EVERYONE! I have never heard him talk behind any ones back and I don't know if he has ever told a lie...correction he did try to tell one once and he was terrible at it.... because he has no practice at it. You don't have to lie when you are always trying to do the right thing with the right intentions. He is a great listener...which is good because I am a great talker :). He is patient and I sure can be trying, He is gentle and I am kind of a hot head sometimes and say things that I shouldn't say and he never does. He doesn't usually get that angry. He always protects my feelings and never says things just to get a reaction out of me. He always asks me what is wrong, sometimes to the point that I want to sew his mouth shut so he cant ask me agian....but I love that he cares enough to not stop until I am okay. He is not self seeking, most of you don't know that he is number one in his medical school class. Unless you are family or I have told you in confidence then you would never know that. He just isn't that kind of guy.
You see I married a one of a kind man. He in the past 5 years has acted out everything Jesus said Love was supposed to be. I am a blessed woman to be married to such a WONDERFUL man! I pray that God will give us another 5 years that are as perfect as these past 5 have been!

Cason I love you with all my heart! Thanks for a wonderful 5 years!


Amanda's News said...

I love the trip down memory lane! Cason is such a great husband to you! And you are a wonderful wife for him!

Kristin said...

What a wonderful post! It was great reading about a recap of your life for the past 5 years. What about a post about how you all met?

Blessed said...

Super cute pictures! Yall make a very cute couple! :)

I did a very similar post for our 5 year last year!

ashley said...

congratulations! thanks for letting us newlyweds learn from you pros!

Whitney Cantrell said...

Congrats! I loved reading this post:) You and Cason are so extremely blessed. I remember sitting at your first house (off of Glen Echo) and you telling us how amazing married life was, and who would have thought that MY fairy tale was not too far away as well:) God is SO good!! Love you!

Jesse Faris said...

Congrats on five years! You guys are a sweet couple, and I'm glad you'll be staying put in Memphis for awhile!

Amanda's News said...

UPDATE WITH INFORMATION!!!! I don't care if it doesn't have pictures.