Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Reese's first day of MDO. Miss Rachel and Miss Kylee are her teachers and they are AWESOME! Reese loves them!!!

Here are my sweet little skunks on their way to trunk or treat.

Reese's birthday. Because she is born right at Halloween we used it as an excuse to dress up. She is a skunk.

For all of you who have kids LISTEN UP, this is the most awesome idea EVER!!!!
We along with 3 other couples, take turn each weekend (one night of the weekend of course) watching each others kids. Cason and I are every 4th weekend of each month. We get to pick the night (Friday or Saturday) that we watch the kids. The other 3 weekends of the month Cason and I get to go on a date...or run errands...or whatever else we need or want to do without kids. its nice on so many levels. Its really nice because I dont feel like we are always using my parents or brother and Natalie to watch them when we want to do something. ***** PLUS we do it with kids that Parker is crazy about. The kids seem to love the arrangement about as much as we do. Every weekend they get to play together.

I just put this in here because I have tried on 4 different occasions to take pictures of my kids and out of those 4 times this is one of the only decent pictures. That is VERY frustrating.

FIRST DAY! He loves it! Zoe is his girl friend. He is going to marry her. Or so he says. Miss Carla, Miss Jill, and Miss Stella are his teachers. He is in the Bee class.

Parker's first day of MDO (Mothers Day Out)

We went to Chucky Cheese his fav. place! Here is he playing his fav. game, Hungry Hippo!

He got a bike from his Uncle Chad and Aunt Natalie.

Parker turned 3!!!
This is a nice face he is making.

The boys missed each other and it was neat to see that its not just Amanda and I that have a bond. Although sometimes theirs is a little less loving!

Went to Ohio to see Amanda. If words could describe what a loss it was for us to have them move away then I would write a book about it. The only thing that makes me feel better is that she will ALWAYS be one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS!!!!! She is AWESOME! We had a great time there. We went (just the 2 of us, THANKS MATT!!!) to lunch and a movie, the water park, the regular park, not to mention their own yard was like a park. We had a GREAT TIME!!!

Bought a rehab. We were homeless for about 2 months. then we owned a "project" for another 2 months before we moved in. We lived with my parents (God bless them) for 4 months. Due to many request I will post more pictures of this project soon.

All of Natalies Bridesmaids

Chad and Natalie got married. This is them at their rehearsal dinner.

Went to Gulf Shores with Cason's Mom and Brothers fam.
Parker LOVED riding the go carts with his Daddy.
Cason Graduated from Medical School!
(May 30th)

Went to the Cayman Islands with My Fam.
(May, this is where we were when our house sold)

Sold our 1st house...in less than a week...had to be out in a week and a half...with 2 kids!
The week of Graduation.

Got into the Campbell Clinic. Staying in Memphis 5 more years! This was great news because Campbell clinic was our number 1 choice. A close 2nd was Emory in Atlanta and Vandy/ or really Nashville was always in the running too.


Bethany said...

You have had quite an amazing year! I love the Babysitters Club idea!

awalton said...

thank you thank you thank you for the update!!
1) you're new house looks awesome, can't wait to see pictures of all the work ya'll did
2) Parker is officially a big boy... i can't believe it!
3) Reese and Hannah must meet again, they would have so much fun and have so much to say to each other, i'm sure
4) Christmas in your new house = exciting!!
5) Love you! :)

Johnny Trendsetter said...

cant wait to see pictures of your new house and all the work you've done. do you have any before and after pics?

Merry Christmas!

LeslieJerkins said...

whoops. that was me by accident under jonathan's. sorry jonathan

whitney said...

WHOA! Boy did you play catch up! Now that your done with twilight are you gonna take up blogging again?! Missed you tonight! HOpe everything is okay!