Friday, January 8, 2010


He was amazing at this. He did over 20 flips in one turn.

Reese and Mommy riding the horse at the festival....she didnt love it.

...he loved it!
Nana and Parker.

Reese checking out the baby chicks.

parker sliding down the big slide.

waiting in line with his Tribby.
If you are wondering where Cason is in all these pictures. This is the month he started on his worst rotation he will have of all 5 years.


Amanda's News said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't believe Parker did that jumping thing. I'm sure you are glad to have Cason home for the next three months:)

whitney said...

Okay, W O W!! I live right here and talk to you several times a week.. I know your busy.. but seriously??!!! You were right, you have done a lot in the past few months, I dont know how you posted it all!! I loved all the pics of the birthday party, I hadnt seen those pictures yet.

And yes, Lexi does want to marry Parker, I heard them "discussing" it tonight at my house! --oh geez!