Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is the before picture. This was actaully taken before we lived here but notice the floor, sink, stove, and washing machine these are all things that are now different.
New hardwood floors Cason put down. That is a new stove, and a new cabinet and counter top in the place of the washing machine.
This brick was also painted to look like the original brick color and the green is a darker green, that is a new sink as well.
New hardwood floors, New counter tops, New stove, New sink, and a New paint job. There is only so much you can do with a galley kitchen and you guys did a wonderful job, thank you so much!


Blessed said...

Looks amazing. I thought your house was super cute before, so I am going to have to come see all these new things!

The Robertson's said...

I love the new kichen!
On another note, I'm so sorry I missed your shower! I was in Chattanooga- I'm trying to get as much family time in before I have to go back to work (YUCK). I have a present for, so hopefully I'll get it to you before Miss Reese comes.

Amanda's News said...

LOVELY!!!! Thanks for putting those pictures up. I just knew others would want to see all the updates:)