Sunday, November 4, 2007

Granny panties now has a whole new meaning.

this is what walked into my house.
This is the backside view
this is the maxi pad shot

this is the granny panties shot

If you are wondering what is going on let me explain. Parker went home with my Mom and Dad after lunch yesterday, they were going to just pick up a few things and then come back to our house. On the way home they started to notice a really unpleasant smell. This was not unusual for my little guy. He has been known to have gas like a grown man. But to their misfortune when they got home they realized that not only had he messed his diaper but he had messed EVERYTHING! They had to strip him down, put all of his clothes in a plastic bag, and shower him off. Once he was clean they realized that they had a big problem. They hadn't brought the diaper bag home with them and they had no diapers. My mom being the creative woman that she is decide that she would try to create a diaper for him.
She started with a pair of her smallest panties to cover the area but this did nothing to prevent another mess. So with this in mind she decided that a maxi pad would act as a diaper and the panties could hold the maxi pad in place. This was a good idea but the panties didnt fit well enough to hold the pad close enough to his body. She needed something to help hold it in place and to keep it from leaking. She found a target bag and wrapped it around the pad and panties. To hold all of this together she took some of her blue painters tape and wrapped it around his body.
She found the smallest t-shirt she had and put it on him and put his socks and shoes back on. This is the way she returned my child to me. I laughed so hard I cried as she was showing me all that she had done to him. Cason said that this gives Granny panties a whole new meaning.


Renata said...

this poor kid is going to have some really terrible pictures to show his first girlfriend!
i don't think little parker will ever live this one down!
you should so submit this story to "always"...i bet you'd get a lifetime supply!

Blessed said...

Oh, my! I agree with Renata.

This is hilarious!

William Poole said...

It's people like you that turns little boys into girls. It's people like you who laugh at it, but when your baby boy grows up and wants to wear panties and put a pad in the panty, then it won't be funny no more. Thanks Granny for making another faggot in the US. You should be shot.