Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Tour of Nashville

This picture is out of order so I will put the script down at the bottom of the page as not to confuse anyone. :)

Thursday Night

The first night we were there I went to dinner with two of my favorite people (Whitney and Jenna) We had such a great time catching up. Laughing and talking about things you just don't talk about with anyone else. I love girl friends!

Thursday Night

While I was eating with the girls Cason and Parker went to Newt and Casey's house and Parker and Luke played together. Parker and Luke are 3 months apart and you would never know which one is the oldest since they are literally book ends. They had a great time. (FYI Reese was with me she was just not in the last picture)

Friday Night

That night we spent the night with Cason's mom and Fred and spent the day with them. Aunt Dessie, Uncle Mike and Aunt Becky all came over to see us. It was great catching up with all of them. (not pictured)

Later that night Cason and I went back downtown for Cason's dinner interview for Vanderbilt. It kind of felt like a date. It was fun.

Friday Night/ Saturday Morning

While Cason and I were at the Vandy dinner Steve and Sandra watched the babies. I think they had a good time. I hope. The next morning Parker went with Ellie, Grammy and Fred to a horse show. Reese and I spent the next morning with Sandra and Steve while Cason was at his Vanderbilt interview.

Saturday Night

Cason, Reese and I went to Fount and Krystal's house. Krystal and I went out for Kasey's (different Kasey than Newt's Casey from Thursday night) Bachelorette party. We actually just went out and ate with them and then Krystal and I went home. When we got back to Krystal's house there were 8 guys playing cards and guitar hero with my little girl right in the middle. It was a blast!

This is where the picture of Jim and Cason putting Reese in her car seat should be.

Sunday Morning.

We left Fount and Krystal's house and went back to Connie and Fred's to pick Parker up. We were supposed to have lunch with Uncle Ernie and his family and Uncle Mike and his family but Cason had to get back to Memphis to work that night and when we tried to call them they were not out of church so we weren't sure it would work out but luckily Uncle Ernie, Aunt Debbie, Amy, Phillip, and Eli called and came over before we left so we did get to see them too.

It was a great 4 days.


Amanda's News said...

You look sooooo good in all your pics! I'm so proud of you:) Now we just need to get you better so you can motivate me at the gym:)

Kristin Nichols said...

I can't believe you had a baby only 3 months ago! You look great! Any chance you might end up at Vanderbilt with me?

Whitney Cantrell said...

I love our picture! SO cute. Jenna looks like she has super short hair! haha. I wish Casey and Newt would do a blog! I would love to keep up with them and I'm SURE adorable little Luke! I don't think I've ever even seen a picture of him:(
Love you!

Blessed said...

Cute pics. I agree with everyone else. Did you even have a baby?! Crazy, girl. Maybe we can reschedule our playdate for next week?