Sunday, January 20, 2008

We LOVE baby Hadley

Here we are at the end of September (I'm 9mo. & Becca 6 1/2mo.)

3 1/2Months later both girls are here. They are already BFF! :)
Hadley and Reese

Parker is already looking out for Baby Hadley. Between Marcus and Parker the boys dont have a shot of getting close to Hadley.

Here we all are

From L to R (Marcus, Becca, Hadley, Randi, Reese, Cason and Parker)


Stacey M said...


Hey's Stacey Sweeney (now Madison). I came across your blog today and wanted to say hello. Congrats on baby #2. We had our first in July and boy has life changed for us...for the better of course, but lots less sleep for sure. Just wanted to say hi. Do you keep in touch w/ any of the other soccer girls? I just saw Hollee Houston's blog the other day and she is prego w/ triplets...yep, that's right...triplets!!!

Mitzi said...

Glad to see that Rebecca is doing so well.

Lindsay said...

How fun! I bet they've have a great time growing up together.