Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Parker's 1st day of school (a.k.a. mothers day out)

Parker is already annoyed at me for taking pictures. He better get over that or he is going to have a LONG miserable childhood ahead of him. :)

This is the excited Parker waking with a hop into the building. I am behind the camera being a nerd by snapping pictures the entire walk into the building. :)

This is Parker jumping right in.

This morning Parker started mothers day out. It was exciting and scary all at the same time, Parker was nervous too! :)

The first thing Parker said to me this morning when I was getting him dressed to go to school was "Mommy I don't want to go to school I want to stay home with you." Not a good sign. But much to my surprise he got really excited when we were getting in the car. Before we got to his school I had to stop and get gas. As we were pulling in he said "This not school mommy....is it?

When we pulled up to the church building I could hear the excitement in his voice when he said "This my school mommy?" when I let him out of his car seat he jumped out, put on his back pack and squealed with excitement. (it was really cute) I might add that the entire walk into the building I was taking pictures of him. ( Yes, I am one of those moms and I don't care one bit!!!!) When we got to his class he walked right in and forgot to kiss or tell his mommy good bye. I was okay with that because there were also no tears and that was worth missing my hug and kiss.

(Now let me tell you what an idiot I am. I stayed up till midnight last night reading and rereading the parent information sheet that tells me what to bring and where to go and blah blah blah. I went to the grocery store 3 different times last night so that this morning we would be ready to go. When we get to Parker's class room I saw all the little lunch boxes by the door and realized I left his in the fridge. I could have cried. I am a failure!!! I told his teacher that I would be back with his lunch.

When I came back 2 hours later I peeked in and watched him. He was LOVING IT!!! he was running and laughing it was making this much easier on me. Until....he spotted me and wanted to leave with me. He started to cry and the teacher told me that he would be okay. I knew he would but it still made me sad. Not that anyone but family will care but Parker was asked questions about the lesson and all 3 teachers told me how smart he was. YES!!!! MY KID IS SMART!!!! If you are reading this then you know that school (grammar) are not my strong suit. I know it is mothers day out but don't rain on my parade! :)

Now the next not so good part. Parker takes on average 3 hour naps. The nap at MDO is only an hour. At home we have this rule....Never wake Parker up. He is so grouchy if you wake him up. At MDO they woke him up after an hour and when I got there 5 min. later he was in that sleepy crying phase. When he saw me he came to the door and was crying. Not the best ending to the day but maybe this will get better. We fixed this mood by going to McDonalds and getting ice cream.

My only question is how come 5 hours never seemed this long before. I felt like he was gone for 2 days. I missed him so much. I am glad that he is going to be home all day tomorrow. But I am excited to see all that he will learn this next few months.

Overall it was a good first day! What an answer to my prayers!


Amanda's News said...

You are so funny! I can just picture you following him and snapping the camera every second. His backpack is so cute! Do they sleep in the cribs?

On another note. I keep telling Thomas that we are having a Potty Party with Parker (say that more than once) on Saturday and that he gets to wear big boy underwear. I'm trying to pump him up about it. This will either be our best idea ever or our worst nightmare.

The Shirley's said...

i totally agree about the potty party. I am really not looking foward to this. I have been talking it up too!

Whitney Cantrell said...

Aw, that's great! Wow, I bet that has to be hard leaving him for a few hours for the first time! You will have to give me mommyhood tips when we start having kids. You're a pro! And not a failure at all, by the way:)

Love you!

Whitney Cantrell said...

Yes Yes! It's true!! I can't wait till Thursday!!!!!!!!!

Blessed said...

I can't believe he is big enough to go to "school!" Wow! He is such a cutie!!!