Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy 75th Birthday Nannie!!

This is Nannie playing with Parker, She let him place stickers all over her face!

My Nannie is one of the most beautiful and wonderful woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She has always been the life of the party and hostess with the mostest at the same time. She has endured so many highs and lows in her life and she has remained such a strong woman. She radiates self confidence while keeping a humble presence. She is a loyal and good friend to everyone lucky enough to call her friend. She at the young age of 74 has been asked to be someones matron of honor. (Who gets asked that at 74 other than one) She is so wise and so many young and old come to her for advice and wisdom. She is a brilliant woman and knows so much about so many things. (she once read a English text book to keep up on her grammar....NOBODY does that...I know maybe I should :)) She is so funny. A couple years back she and Granddaddy where having a garage sale and she went inside put on a wig, changed her clothes, put on big glasses and totally disguised herself and then snuck out another door. She came walking up to the yard sale and started talking out loud to herself saying how all of their stuff was just junk pure junk. she insulted all of their stuff and all the prices. She had my even tempered grandfather ready to blow his lid. Then she went over to him and kissed him. He thought this strange rude woman was kissing him. She is just hilarious like that. She line dances and I have to say she has got a LOT of soul. She goes to water aerobics more to run her mouth than her feet but she is the life of the class. I have never met anyone that didn't love her and think she was one of a kind. Parker absolutely loves her. She connects with everyone even 2 year olds. She has taught all of us how to have people in our homes and make them feel comfortable. My entire life she has cooked a feast at every holiday. 9 times out of 10 the holiday has been at her house. So it doesn't feel like Christmas if I am not with her. She is quick to let anyone stay at their house. I have never heard her turn down anyone who needed a place to stay. The sheets stay clean and ready for company. She is a VERY respected woman by all who know her. She loves her children and grandchildren more than life and we all feel it everyday. She is constantly out pouring love to us all. God has blessed me more than I deserve by allowing me to have been granddaughter to such a wonderful woman! I love you Nannie and thank you for being the woman who I would love to become! Happy 75th birthday!



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Amanda's News said...

What a great tribute to your Nannie! I have definitley missed my Randi time the last two weeks! I'm glad you came over for Bunko...even if I didn't get to "talk" to you. At least you won something:) We will need to catch up next week.