Monday, February 11, 2008

Whats been going on around here...

Parker has been teaching me to cook.

We went to Atlanta and Granddaddy and Reese got some quality R&R

Reese and Hannah became 2nd generation BFF's

Reese came to Granddaddy's bowling league for moral support. I know you are thinking how enthusistic she looks. We couldnt keep her in her seat.

Parker has been hanging out with his lil' sissy I guess he finally realizes that she is not leaving.

He is even teaching her about Mickey Mouse. SHE LOVES IT! cant you see it on her face!

Molly came and took Parker to ride the horses.

We brought down the exersaucer a couple of nights ago and Reese LOVES it!

hanging out with Tribby. (please excuse the face that Reese is making. Being that close to the "big helper" a.k.a. Parker makes her nervous)


Whitney Cantrell said...


Kristy had the baby! I sent you a pic. They named him Parker!! What a great name, hey? :)

Blessed said...

Cute pics! We will get together soon! :)