Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pass Port Pictures A.K.A. MUGSHOTS

Nice bow!
Looks like we scared her.
We couldn't get her to take her hand away from her mouth.
She had had enough of this.
He had had enough from the first picture.
This is his upset attempt at a smile.
He is NOT happy about this.
Doesn't he look like a teenager saying "Mom you are so lame"?

We are going to the Cayman Islands in a few months (which is going to make me write a blog in the near future about body image issues, the issues I have and the ones other people are going to have when they see this body in a bathing suit!) We have to get pass ports to be able to travel to the Caymans. We tried to take the picture for the pass ports ourselves. It didn't end up working but the pictures sure are funny! I never really think that Reese or Parker photograph as cute as they are in person but these mug shots of them are really bad (but really funny). I am not including any of Cason and I because they are so ugly that it isn't funny!


Amanda's News said...

Wow! I'm really behind on reading blogs! Congrats to Chad and Natalie. I loved that you were able to capture all of that on camera! She will treasure those photos:)

Parker looks so cute in his snow attire! I'm sure he had a blast in the snow...I know that Thomas did. I had to convince him to come back inside that day.

Those mugshot pictures crack me up. Parker looks so much older in them. And Reese really does look like she has some red hair.

Don't even go there about you in a bathing suit. You will look gorgeous and Cason won't be able to keep his hands off you:) Maybe baby # 3 will come from this trip. Ha Ha.

Jenna said...

Randi, those photos are hilarious and precious all at the same time!!