Friday, March 28, 2008

What a week it has been....

Reese had her first swing ride and LOVED it!
Cason got his letter telling him that he matched at the Campbell clinic. YAY!
We didn't know anyone (like parents) were invited until 45min before it was time to go. Luckily Mom and Dad dropped what they were doing and came. They basically babysat so we could talk to our friends. Thanks guys.
Here is Reese and Fred during the Easter egg hunt.
Here is Me and Anna Clay right after she woke up. She is so cuddly!!
This is cousinly love. Anna Clay was probably scared to get in the chair with these two in it. Ellie and Parker would be playing and then just start throwing each other down to the ground and wrestling. It would have been hilarious if they didn't hurt each other every time. Even Anna Clay was interested in her new baby cousin.
Ellie was such a good helper.
Parker LOVES these girls!!!!!
This is the Easter egg hunt. They had a GREAT time this year.

After church on Sunday we went to visit Pa. Reese was more than happy to sit in Pa's lap for awhile.
Pa keeps it pretty warm in his room and it must have felt cozy to Parker because he slept for hours.

When he woke up he feel in love with Aunt Sherry and Terry. They were so nice to take him down to see the train table and whatever else he wanted to see. He was sad when he had to leave them.

When he woke up he had to give Pa some love too.
Reese was giving everyone some lovin.
Reese like Parker LOVED Aunt Sherry.

Monday night Jim and Cason went to dinner and then came back to the house.
Then we all went out. I learned that I am horrible dart thrower.

Tuesday we headed over to ST and Papa's house. Steve and Sandra cooked us some great meals and we had a blast hanging out in the beautiful weather.
They stayed out on the front steps for hours.
Reese spending some QT with ST.
Parker was ready to get to playing.

It was a long day. Reese needed some Papa time.
We had a great week.


melanie said...

is the campbell clinis in town? so you can stay?

You kiddos are so cute.

and body issues...welcome to the club. If my whole body could sing me a song it would be the church song, "I will never beeeee the same a-ginnn, I can never return, I've closed tha doooor!" Like i dont already know. ;) And it's so true. :)

Amanda's News said...

Yeah Cason! We are excited for you guys:) I just know these next few years will fly by!

Reese looks so much OLDER! What happened...I haven't really seen her in two weeks and she has changed so much!

I had so much fun spending time with you at the retreat! I hope you were Mafia champ!

The Shirley's said...

Mel, yeah the campbell clinic is here so we dont have to move. That is great and sad at the same time. A lot of our Bff's are moving. But the program is too good not to be apart of when given the chance. Plus we still have some amazing friends here!

The Shirley's said...
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Whitney Cantrell said...

I love all the cuddly cousins!! So precious. And congrats to Cason! Does this mean you are staying in Memphis? Miss you!

Whitney Cantrell said...

Oh nevermind, I didn't see your comment answering my question. I'm so glad you get to stay! But also sad that you won't be moving here, even though there was a slim chance you would have anyway:)

ashley said...

congratulations cason! as one of the few couples staying here, we're extra happy you'll be here!