Saturday, July 5, 2008

quick up date

We are currently homeless...except my AWESOME parents have taken all 4 of us in. Not only have they taken all 4 of us in they have cleared there den and let us use it as a storage. I would be showing pictures of all that has gone on in the last 2 months except our camera has now died and we can not find the cords in all the packing.

Cason has Graduated from Medical school and is now a resident at the Campbell clinic in Memphis.

We went on 2 awesome vacations with My family and Cason's mom and brothers family....Thanks it was WONDERFUL everyone.

We sold our first home and we think that we have bought a house...if you are wondering why I am not sure it is because the bank in New york city that we are buying it from is the slowest most terrible people to ever buy a house from. WE have signed the contract that they put together but for some stupid reason they didn't sign their own contract. Every time we send something to them or back to them it takes them a good week to get back to us. NIGHT MARE!!!! When my camera is back up and running I will be showing pictures.

Even after we get this house it is going to take a few months to make it a home. It is twice the sq footage that our last one was and we are so pumped about that.

Reese has 6 teeth that are HUGE! bad she is still SO CUTE! She is pulling up and trying to cruise. She is eating real food now and is a little piglet. She says Da da all the time and because of it Cason thinks that he is her favorite. He doesn't realize that it is just easier for her to say. I am clearly her favorite. :)

Parker is potty training and is doing great. One day I got sick of everyone asking me why he wasn't potty trained and I just said "no more diapers because mommy is sick of hearing about it" Also I did it because I could tell he was ready. :) He still wants nothing to do with pooping in the potty but hey I will take what I can get. He tells me when he needs to poop and we put a diaper steps... he wouldn't tell me before because he was afraid I would make him do it on the potty. The potty is apparently very intimidating when needing to poop.

Cason is on neuro surgery rotation now and it is great. He gets home at noon everyday and life is great. It would be better if we already had the house and he could be working on it, but thanks to stupid new york bank we are still waiting for them to sign the contract they wrote up....I am bitter. Anyways next month we are not going to see him at all and that is going to really stink.

I am yard saleing and having a ball.

When the camera cord is found I will be adding pictures of my old house, new house, kids who are getting SO big, vacations, graduations, and anything in between.


Amanda's News said...

I am missing you so much!!! I wish I could see Reese and her cute little smile:) Thomas is going through exactly the same thing with the potty. He is great about peeing in the potty but won't poop in the potty. I hope you are getting some great bargains at all those garage sales. I'm glad Cason's schedule is so good right now. I'll call you this week. LOVE YOU!

Jenna said...

Dumb New York bank! What a bummer Randi! Hopefully they will get it together soon for you so you can move in :)

Lori said...

hey girlie!!! so happy to find your blog!!! good luck on the house!

Kristin said...

Hope you get the house soon! I'm jealous of Cason's schedule. Matt is working all the time :(