Sunday, August 10, 2008

Newest up date

Today is Parker's 3rd birthday. We have gone to church this morning and after everyones nap we are going to go to Uncle Chad and Aunt Natalie's house for him to receive his surprise from them....a new bike! He will be pumped! After that we are headed to Chucky Cheese....we were going to go to a go-cart track but it is raining today and so that is a no go. My parents have been wanting to get him a swing set for forever but since we were going to be moving they had to wait. Now they can get it, but the kind that they want him to have is more expensive one so thanks to Grammy and Fred, Nannie and Granddaddy, and Mom and Dad he is getting a good one. Papa and Este got him a gift card to Target because Parker LOVES plastic cards ( I realize that is a bad thing for us) He always wants to buy them in the store and he doesn't understand when I try to tell him that they are like money Papa and Este got him one to his favorite store (Target) so that he could buy something with his plastic card. What a great family we have! Thank you to EVERYONE!!!!

CHAD AND NATALIE GOT MARRIED! they are official now, even though Natalie has felt like family for a long time now she is officially ours...I mean his!! ;) Their wedding was beautiful and it was fun to see everyone who came. They just finished renovating a house and it looks amazing too. Things are great right now for them.

CASON has started his next rotation and it is BADDDDDD!!!!!!!! I am ready to quite this stupid residency stuff.....not really but I do HATE this rotation. Here is a piece of what he is doing, He went in last Friday morning at 6am and didn't get off until Saturday around 1pm then went back in Sunday morning at 6am and didn't get off until Monday at noon and has done this every day up to today. He met us at this morning as class was getting over. I HATE THIS!!!! I am not even trying to be a big girl anymore. I think it helps him for me to hate it, because that way we can whine (sp) together about is a bonding experience. Makes me remember how much I love and like him! And it makes me realize what a huge help his to me too.

I went to OHIO to see AMANDA since it has been 2 months and I missed my everyday workout partner so much! We had a BLAST! Thanks to Nannie and Granddaddy the kids and I got to fly there instead of drive. I got there on Saturday and stayed until Wednesday morning. On Sunday Amanda took me to lunch and to see Momma Mia. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! A big thanks to Matt for watching the kids while we were gone!!! Like normal Amanda fashion she had a list of fun things for us to do. We went to the water park ( Parker LOVED it!!! He rode the big slide with me and wanted to keep doing it...I could not believe it!), we also went to the park a few times. Amanda and Matt's house is BEAUTIFUL!!! Their yard is 4 acres and is AWESOME!!!! The boys played outside almost the entire time we were there. It was really nice since they could just play with out us worrying about anyone getting them or anything like that. It was a GREAT visit!

We finally closed on our HOUSE. The timing is not great because of Cason's rotation plus we "bit off a LOT to chew" or we should have with Cason gone so much. In 2 weeks we have torn out all the carpet and some old hardwood floors, we have torn down wallpaper from walls, ripped out vanities, scrapped popcorn ceilings, had the roof re roofed, cut a hole in a wall and inserted a new doorway, taken all the ceiling fans down, all the doors off the hinges.....WE ARE CRAZY! We were supposed to be done with the demolition today but considering that we still have all the tile in one shower to take up, finish sanding the ceilings (wish we had known you had to do that before we started that nightmare) and finish getting the kitchen cabinets ready for painting we will not make our deadline...not to mention it is Parker's birthday and we cant work on his birthday since I am not going to be able to give him a true 3rd birthday. That's right every year I have gone crazy giving a 1 and 2 year old a way over the top birthday and the year that he finally would really appreciate it I am not throwing one...that really bothers me, so today has got to be really great for that I feel better!
Hopefully we will get the rest of our demo done in the first half of the week so that the 2nd half can get back to schedule which is cleaning up and bleaching walls and floors and everything in between. Then the primer goes on and let the fixing up begin!

I am also going a little crazy because I can not do ANYTHING with 2 kids. They cant go over to the house with me while I work because of all the things that could hurt them. Reese HATES being in the pack n' play and it is too hot for Parker to play outside. plus I cant see him if hes out there without his swing set being up because he will not stay in one spot. I feel like my hands are tied behind my back, I want to get over there and get it done but there is no point in going with them. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!! Parker is also starting to act like a 3 year old and that has been rough too. I didn't believe it when people said that 3 was worse than 2....what do I know. I am only venting, I still LOVE my life...I love my kids and think they are awesome! My husband is hardworking, my parents are amazing to keep us and all of our junk in their house for so long, my in-laws are more wonderful than I could have hoped for, siblings have been so supportive, grandparents are perfect and loving and wonderful and I just love to hear their voice...when it is not getting on to me for not calling. My friends make me feel loved every day that I talk to them and we are all healthy....So I am fantastic!!!!!

Oh and REESE has started to take a few steps on her own and that is very exciting. She is getting more active and is starting to give her big brother a run for his money. There is no more beating her up anymore. She is also getting more teeth in. She already had 6 and now with 2 coming in we are at a mouthful.

It has been crazy around here but hopefully things will start to look up and the next time I post it will be an excited me to tell what all we have done.


awalton said...

oh my goodness... you're crazy! you've got way too much going on, but I know your family and it wouldn't be a normal day if there wasn't a project at hand. ;) can't wait to see pictures of the kiddos and the new house! love ya!

Rachel said...

Hey Randi! You have a lot going on it seems. I understand the whole residency thing. Too many times I was tired of being a "big girl" as you put it! I remember those feelings. They have actually come back now some. John finished his residency this past June and started a job in July but now he takes his last Board exam Tuesday so he has been studying like a mad man for it. I'm glad it's over in one more day. I can't wait to see your new house. Don't (residency) will be over soon! What is Cason doing his residency in?

Amanda's News said...

HAPPY birthday Parker Pooh!!! I'm so sad we couldn't be there to celebrate the BIG day!

BTW LOVE LOVE your new blog look:) Thank goodness you posted something new. I was just waiting and waiting. I don't even care if there are no pics.

Hang in there with this rotation! This too shall pass.

Can't wait to see your house in person! I just know it will look awesome once you are done.

Love you and miss you guys already:(

Kristin said...

I totally understand the residency thing. It is tough, and it is hard to be the "big girl" all the time, I'm sure even worse if you have kids. Thank goodness for different rotations. I can't wait until Matt has an easier one, too.

Can't wait to see pictures of your house. I hope you are taking before, in-process, and after pictures.

I can't believe Parker is 3 and Reese is starting to walk!

Miss you!

Spellings Fam said...

Randi, Here is the number for the counter top people I was telling you about 527-9914. They did a great job and were fast too. Hope they can help you!

LeslieJerkins said...

randi cant wait to see pictures of your new house! And we have to do that cookout w/the Burkes once Cason has a chance to breathe. Let me know if you need any help sometime, I'm an excellent painter... (have you ever seen Rainman w/Tom Cruise?)

whitney said...

I'm with ya on the rotation!!! Its a beast isnt it!! Nick went back today... 11 more days! I dont know if I can handle it! Cason should be just about done right? Hang in there!!

Whitney Cantrell said...

Oh my much going on! I miss you!!! Congrats on everything!!

Cathleen said...

Hey Randi, I just found your blog and think it's so cute! Congrats on your husbands residency, but are YOU surviving? My husband's in his sixth year of residency and it was definitely tough at the beginning. And it's tough now too! Your kids are gorgeous by the way!

Heather said...

Randi, how am I supposed to continue stalking you and your precious family if you don't update your blog? I mean, not like you are busy or anything.

Love you.

Blessed said...

Updates, please? How's the house coming along? I want to come see it.