Sunday, October 26, 2008

2months, 2 weeks, and 2 days

It has been 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days since I last blogged. I know this because that is the difference in my kids birthdays and last blog was Parker's bday and today is Reese's FIRST birthday.
So much has been going on since I last blogged. We are still trying to put all the finishing touches on our new house. Some doors are still down, most door knobs are not on yet, we have plastic over our four dormer windows outside, the outside is still a mess (shutters, fence....), our trash people didnt come pick up our trash for 4 weeks so our garage is a dump, full of trash. half of my clothes are still at my parents house, all the remotes to every tv is still there or they have vanished into thin air. It is still crazy and over whelming to think about.
While all of that has been going on Cason fell through the Parker's ceiling trying to fix the stupid plastic over the dormer windows. He hurt his back pretty badly but luckily he did not break it or fracture it. Just a soft tissue bruise. Still he was stuck to the couch for 4 days straight with no moving except for using the restroom. Even the shower standing time was tough. Needless to say we are ready for this house to be finished.

I promise that once it is finished we will come back to the land of the living. we will attend reach group again, and I will join the Res. wives on Monday nights, I will go see my grandparents and other family and friends we have neglected since taking this project on. I will live a normal life again....I sure hope so anyways!

Today's blog however is inspired by my sweet little girls 1st birthday. I didnt want to miss in this blogging/journaling to tell about all that she is doing.
She started walking about a week before she turned 10 months. Her favorite word is Daddy and says it all the time. She knows that her daddy is her daddy but she also call my Dad and Chad Daddy sometimes too. She says Mama when she wants me but only when she has to say it. Most of the time she just grunts and I come. She says Nana a lot too. She calls Parker "Bubba" which is pretty cute. She is crazy about her brother. If she is crying in the morning and he walks into her room she smiles and starts squealing...soooo cute! He is actually pretty protective towards her too. She really says a lot for her age. Parker was a good talker but Reese says more than he did at this age. She is REALLY FUNNY! She laughs at her self which is totally a quality that she gets from me. Luckily she learned how to do it with out an embarrassing wetting her pants, I guess she does have plenty of those stories too. She has a temper she gets that from me as well. She is dramatic and Cason says thats me too. She has this fake cry that cracks me up. It is the ugliest possible face she could make. She will stop to see if you are looking, if you are she funny. She is such an answer to my prayers. She is more than I hoped for. She smiles at everyone and is so much fun to be around. God has given Cason and I such a gift by giving us this amazing little girl. I pray that he will guide us in raising her to be a great light for his kingdom.
Today we went to lunch with Nana and Tribby then we went home and took a nap. When we woke up we got in our Halloween costumes and went to Trunk or treat at church. They were skunks (SO CUTE). Reese LOVED it. She walked everywhere holding her pumpkin pale. she didnt care about the candy she just liked being able to walk around all those kids and carry her pumpkin. (she is really into caring things) Then we went and ate dinner again with Nana and Tribby and went to baskin robbins for ice cream. We are going to have her a little party some time this week with all the kids.
So much more has gone on, MAYBE I will have more time this week to catch you up on what has been going on and MAYBE there will be pictures.

Parker misses Thomas soooo much. He always asks me if THomas is going to be there. He misses his BFF! Tonight he didnt want to go if Thomas wasnt going to be there. We all miss you guys. Just not the same!


annecase said...

Happy Birthday, Reese!

Blessed said...

Glad you are back to blogging. Come over soon or I want to come over. When you get your house done!

Amanda's News said...

Happy late b-day Reese!!! Wow, she is already one!

I can't believe you phone got stolen! I've called you about a dozen times and was about to fly back to see if you were alive:)

Join the land of the living even if you house is still in crazy is good for your health!

I hate to hear that Cason hurt his back. I hope he is recovering well and you are taking good care of him.

I'm ready for pics so please find whatever you need to so you can post some of the birthday girl and their halloween costumes!

Thomas does the same thing. "Is Parker going to be there?" It is so sweet and sad at the same time!

I'm done! I know that was a book but for heavens sake I haven't talked to you in FOREVER!

P.S. Get a NEW phone:)

awalton said...

Happy Birthday baby girl Reese! i can't wait to see some new pictures! sorry that we missed each other last week. stinky timing! i miss you tons and hope that was get to talk soon. can i just text cason my number? i hate that he hurt his back... he was just trying to be a good husband and dad getting everything done with the house. :( well, i hope the house gets finished in the near future and i know you're going to LOVE it! keep the blogging updates coming! love ya!