Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Phone Was Stolen

I have no phone because it was stolen in Target Sunday.
If you have been trying to call me that is why you have not gotten me. I realized through all of this that I dont know any ones number by heart. I feel completely helpless without my phone. For all of you who need me please call Cason's cell phone and he will give you a number you can call me at for now. Cason's number is the same first 5 numbers as mine and his last 2 are 07. please call him so that I can get all of your numbers again. That way if I ever get a phone of my own again I can have your numbers.

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Jeannette said...

hey I hope you can get a new phone soon. I had my purse stolen a few years back and my cell phone was in it and it took a while before I could get in touch with everyone again! We should go to the zoo soon, email me your home number.