Saturday, April 11, 2009

AWESOME COUPLE OF DAYS! In normal me fashion the pictures are in the wrong order. You are starting with Saturday and working back to Thursday.


We had a good time doing our babysitting club tonight. We ate pizza outside and then we had an Easter egg hunt for them. Then we re hid the eggs about 10 times until Tucker (He is 2 1/2 had eaten all most all the candy out each egg (42 eggs! Whit, if he is bad in church tomorrow it is Cason's fault!) We couldn't figure out why he didn't have any eggs in his basket and why so many eggs were open and thrown on the ground. Then we looked at his chocolate covered face! After the long Easter egg hunt we played hide -n- seek until it got too dark. Then we came inside and put all the kids sleeping bags on the floor with pillows, drinks and popcorn. Then we put in Horton hears a who and the kids had a movie night! It was a really great night! Good luck in church tomorrow to the Coles and the Larsens!


Our churches Easter egg hunt.

This is Amanda's middle guy, Charlie and was the best picture of them out of the bunch! Not that great but I wanted one of the 2 of them to be posted.

This is actually Parker and Thomas hugging good bye for a few months. It was really sad to me. They really are best little friends. They were born 10 days apart and Amanda and I spent almost everyday together for the first 3 years of their lives. They really were so much fun to watch this weekend. It was like they never missed a is kinda cool because that's the way it is with Amanda and I!

trying to keep them in line....

I mean REAlly!!! HOW CUTE!
After my Freaking out post last week it nice to go out to dinner with Amanda and realize that Parker and Thomas are doing the exact same thing. Parker has been hanging with older or younger kids and that's not really fair for me to compare him to them. I feel a lot better now that I see and hear about Thomas doing some of the same stuff.

Below: Matt, Thomas, and Charlie on the slide.

Below: Mom and Park.

Reese thinking where is the candy, I didn't come to play I came to EAT!!!!


Went to the zoo with Anne, Carrie, Denise, Michelle, Amanda and a BUNCH of kids.

A HUGE Thanks to Denise and Michelle for chasing after Parker and Thomas the whole time!!!!!

Favorite moment:

The minute we pulled through the gate at the zoo and Thomas spotted Parker he took off running toward him. Parker didn't see him at first but when he saw who it was he started ripping out of the stroller to get to him. They hugged and then started jumping up and down saying each others name over and over again. It was cool in a touching sort of way!

picture below is of all the kids,

Case, Colt, Charlie and Reese on the bottom and Parker and Thomas up top. The only one not pictured was Andrew.

Case and Reese

This is sooo funny to me. Denise got tired of taking him in and out of the stroller to see the animals so she started lifting the entire stroller.

Again, are they cute enough together!!!

Riding the Train around the farm
Colt and Carrie, Amanda and Andrew, and Michelle and Charlie

Reese, myself, Anne and Case


Anne, Me, Amanda, and Carrie

another group picture...I stole Anne's pics off her blog. Her camera is WAY better than mine.


Amanda and I went to dinner and a movie. It was sooo much fun. We as usual talked about anything and everything. No subject was too private. The old man and his wife sitting next to us in the movies actually got mad at us during the preview and said out loud "Are they going to talk through the entire movie" I thought YIKES, but you know Amanda it just made her want to talk louder....just kidding she was good! It was so much fun! Like no time had passed!


Parker had his schools Easter Party Thursday morning. I couldn't stay because I already had made plans with Anne to spend the with her. We had a great time. We went to the agri consignment sale and then to lunch. My mom kept Reese so we could really talk. I had a great time and it was some much needed time together.

....sooo Cason (Who is a pretty awesome Dad for doing this I might add) drives straight from the hospital to Parker's school having NOT SLEPT ALL NIGHT (he was on call) just so Parker wouldn't be the only kid without a parent there. Parker was really excited that his Daddy was coming too! I actually think he did better with Cason there. He tried stuff I would have never guessed he would do because Cason was there.

This being one of those things..

...and this...

Here he is hunting the eggs!

It was a great week/weekend.



Blessed said...

I love all of your pictures! I had a blast at the zoo! Let's do it again really soon!!!! :)

I am cracking up at yall talking at the movies. I can just see Amanda talking super loud right now. Funny!

Amanda's News said...

I LOVED my whole weekend with you guys! IT was so much fun! I told Matt next time I need to go the weekend before that way I have the whole week to spend more time with you guys!
I love how Thomas and Parker are still best buds:) I'm so glad they were able to hang out with each other!
I almost told that stinkin' old couple that we had the right to talk b/c we hadn't seen each other in 6 months...and to GET OVER IT! But you are right I was a good girl:)
I can't wait to see you this summer! I'm super pumped about us already making plans and putting you on my calendar!!!! YEA:)