Sunday, April 19, 2009


Here is parker finally hearing me say that the Easter bunny brought him a camera. Before that he would not get up!!!! as you can see below. He is already starting to act like a teenager about waking up.
Not Reese she was up and ready to play! I love the bed head.

Here is her stuff. The Easter bunny brought her a fake camera, some empty eggs because she didnt like anything being in hers. He brought her some shorts and a grocery basket. I added some toothbrushes just to add something else to hers since hers was so cheap compared to Parker's expensive easter... guess what her favorite part was....the tooth brushes. SHE LOVES THEM! I could have just bought the tooth brushes and she would have been thrilled.

Parker had a great easter! He got a real VTECH camera (cooliest things ever, if your kid likes to take pictures with your digital camera. It is a real camera with fun kid editing on it. It also has games, and can take videos. It hooks up to the TV too. It also is like a real camera and can be saved to your computer. It is awesome!! He also got Horton Hears a Who. He loved that movie. I think he mainly liked it because he saw it with his daddy who thought it was hilarious, and laughed the whole time. And he got some eggs...and yes he did want candy in his..shocker.

see loving the camera.

I didnt really get any good pictures. It was rainy and Cason was on call all day and night. We had had such a busy weekend already that it was a lazy day.

This face is because she was running away from me in church and knew she was about to get caught.

He found the adult snacks and was hiding as he ate them.

Here she is making me feel a little better about the actual easter gifts.

The reason my pictures have looked so bad is because I had the camera on the wrong setting. I love all this technology!..NOT! I like the good ole days of step 1.turn camera on, step 2. take picture!


awalton said...

that is hilarious that you have the Easter basket actually in Parker's bed and he still won't get up... oh he'll be fun one in the mornings during junior high! :) i also got Hannah a tooth brush for her Easter basket, Elmo of course, and she loves it too. It's the little things that are the most fun! And i enjoyed your pictures, even if it was on the wrong setting... your kids still looked adorable! :) love you!

Amanda's News said...

Love looking at your pictures:) Need an update though. I know your life is crazy. We may have to update your blog once you come and see me:)