Friday, September 11, 2009


Emily, Parker, Hyrum and Ben. each kid or family sat by Parker as he opened his gift from them. It was such a cool idea. (Thanks Cara) All the kids giving the gift got excited when it was their turn. It was really neat.

Parker and Noah.
This is such a funny picture to me.

Dylan and Parker. Dylan is one of Parker's favorite people.

Sweet Hadley. This is the cutest, friendliest, funniest little thing around. She is not lacking in the personality department at all. I get to take her home with me on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for a couple of hours and she is so much fun. she is like part of our family. My kids are CRAZY about her!

Thanks to Kate of Jon and kate plus 8, I tried the pudding idea. It was some of the most fun my kids have ever had. Ellie above wasnt going to get it on her at first. She said she was just going to paint other people......and as you can see she changed her mind. She was hilarious. That stuff may still be in her hair.

Here is Ben...

and Tucker...

Okay where do I begin to write about my little boys first crush. Dont think I am being sarcastic because I am not. He is truly crushing on her. He talks about her ALLLL the time. He even asked his GRammy (who lives 4 hours away) if he could bring Lexi to her house. When GRammy said that he would have to ask her mommy. He told his GRammy that she would have to love Lexi like she loved him. After telling her she had to love Lexi like she loved him he made sure she could do that. "will you love lexi like you love me?" Grammy said "if you love her then I love her." He asked her 100 times "are you sure? are you sure your sure?"
We had his party 2 weeks after his real birthday but on the actual birthday we were going to take him to chucky cheese. We told him he could invite 1 friend. Guess who he wanted.....yeah it was like a date. Cason kept taking pictures and calling them their prom picture. They really do look like a prom pic. The pictures are all on another camera that I will try to upload later. Im not sure Lexi is as into Parker as he is into her. she is a hot little commodity here. The boys at baby sitting fight over her. I have broken up so many who is going to marry Lexi fights. All I can say is NICK LARSEN GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

seriously look at his face!
I wish I were kidding. it is wayyyyyy toooooo soon for girls!

Best Sport Award goes to..... Clay. He was AWESOME!
He first dumped an entire bowl of pudding on Parker's head and then let Parker get him back. Parker hid for about 10 min waiting for his uncle clay to come out of the house. (clay went upstairs to change so that he could get caught.) I really think Clay made Parker's birthday for him. We have heard Parker reenact it about a 1,000 times.

this is after the bowl was dumped.

the beginning....

look how cute all 3 of these girls are.
AC on the slide, Lauren and Hadley. Look at Hadley's funny.

Will is a must on he invite list. This kid has the best manners EVER!!!! He is one of the sweetest kids I have ever known. I love watching him get into the crazy things we have them do at Parker's parties. Will is a hoot!

Here are all the kids holding up their cupcakes. Reese was at this party that is her leg on the far right. Im not sure how it was possible for her to not be in any pictures but it seemed to work out that way.

Hadley and her momma (Becca) who is equally as sweet as Hadley.

Okay where do I start with this cake or Beth who made it?
Beth, my sister in law asked me if I wanted to make Parker's cake? (FYI:I dont bake, Cook well, or anything else that involves the kitchen.) So I guess you can guess my answerer. With that she made a light we can make it comment, that I might have shared with my child. When Parker found out that she was going to make the cake he was soooooo excited!!! He even told people that she was going to make his cake. (is this showing you how bad of a mother I am. The kid didnt know you could make that kind of stuff at home. He thinks it can only come from a store...not that I minded that.) What I have failed to mention is that Beth is moving into new house the week of the party. Being the coolest person EVER she does it anyways. Her sweet momma baked the cake and Beth bought all the MANY things it took to decorate this cake. She not only bought and did everything she looked on the Internet cakes that had to do with animals. I don't know if you know but Parker is a little obsessive about animals. Words can not describe how appreciative I am for all that was done to give him that amazing cake. ALSO: it was the best cake I have ever eaten?! AMAZING!!!!
Also HUGE thanks to my mom and Dad who rushed over the afternoon of the party to decorate the place up. It looked so cool! They worked till guest arrived, Mom wanted to take a shower before the party but because of all the work to do she stayed and let me get dressed instead. She helped with all the kids who's parents couldn't stay. Dad figured out how to make all the water slides go at once. that was huge since this was a water park type party. As always you guys were there for me/us and I am always thankful that you are in my life. I hope I never make either of you feel less than Wonderful because after all you are constantly doing for me, cason, and the kids it would be my worst fear to make either of you feel any less. Thanks for taking an ordinary party and turning it into something Amazing!!!

Also thanks to Grammy and Fred for coming all the way to our house for a 4 year olds birthday!!!! He really understood what was going on this year and it meant a lot to him for you guys to be there. So thanks for taking your entire weekend to come.

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Happy 4th b-day Parker! Thomas would have loved to party it up with you:)