Friday, September 11, 2009

1st Day of Preschool and Mothers Day Out

This is actually us at McDonald's after the first day of school Becca and Hadley went with us to celebrate with ice cream!
This is Hadley and Reese in their class holding their babies watching Ms Rosie.

Here Reese is walking into school like she does this all the time. My mom made her outfit! LOVED IT!!!

Mom and Reese going into Kroger for doughnuts before school. I just realized doughnuts, ice cream...not a real healthy day for us. maybe I shouldn't comment on pictures anymore. I'm making myself sound like a bad mom.

this is the only way Reese was taking picture. She didn't like waking up early.
Part 1 of the Parker modeling session.

Here he is with his beloved new back pack. It is really a suitcase but he LOVES it!!!

Here we go.
Let the modeling session with Parker and the bag begin.....

seriously, he is a mess!

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Kristin said...

Parker looks so old with that haircut! I can't believe Reese is almost two!