Friday, September 11, 2009

San Diego...adults only!

This is Cara with her first class breakfast. That is right Cara and I got to fly first class all the way from Memphis to Utah. It was great except when I took this picture and the guy across the isle laughed at me for taking it. (Look buddy not all of us can afford first class, dont make fun of the little people.) :)
Brian and Cason had their tickets bought by work since the purpose of the trip was for them to go to a conference. Cara and I were flying standby (thanks to my wonderful Nannie). From this picture you can see we not only got on the plane but we rode with the big guys. I took this picture to be a snot. I wanted to show Brian and Cason (they rode to CA on a different flight) what we got for breakfast compared to the peanuts they got. This would really have been funnier if on the way home I hadnt gotten stuck in Atlanta, while all 3 of them made it on the flight and got to go home.
I turned lemons into lemonade because I got to go spend the night with my grandparents and most of the next day. It was a great trip. I missed my babies who thanks to my wonderful mom,dad and mother in law, had a better time than if I had of been there with them.

Disney Land

that is right we drove an hour to go to Disney Land and it was so much fun!

here we are with a mountain behind us.

This is me being cheap. I took a picture of the snap shot they took of us on space mountain. I couldnt get my camera flash off fast enough for you to see that Brian has his tongue sticking out of his mouth. I am ducking because it is pitch black on that ride and you are going super fast. I know I am stupid because if my brother in law Clay who is 6'6''can ride those rides without losing his head, then i should be fine at a average 5'5''. Cara looks like she is singing, and Cason....Im not sure what he looks like. Maybe he is thinking {this would be really fun if I hadnt just spent WAY TOO much money to get in this place, and my kids arent even here}....i dont know just a guess. We rode this ride over 3 times. It was our favorite. I sat up a little more each time.

Brian, Mini, and Cara

My kids can not get over that we met the "REAL" mini mouse. That is why you are supposed to take your kids. They eat this stuff up. Everything about it amazes them. I cant wait for our big trip next year.

waiting for the water and lights show to begin.
Us above
Brian and Cara below.

On the Indiana Jones ride at Disney Land they put Cason in the drivers seat....hence my face. I wonder if it is possible to get lost on a roller coaster?....

This is at the Cornado Hotel! I LOVED THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!
It is the worlds largest all wooden resort. I could go on and tell you all about this hotel, some of it I would get right and some of it I would just be making up. But its got a lot of cool history. If you are ever going to San Diego stay here!!!! It was AWESOME!...we didnt stay here and I wish we could have. One night we sat on the beach side deck (on some of those nice outdoor couches or sectional, with a coffee table/fire pit combo in the middle. Nothing but the open sky above us. The ocean was to our right and along with the waves crashing there was a band playing. It was like in the movies........ except for the fact that Cason kept falling asleep and I had to keep waking him up.
The hotel was actually the set for an old Marilyn Monroe film....that I happen to love! We had another picture of us at this hotel that I loved but being the retard that I am, I deleted it. you'll just have to trust me on how amazing it was....not the picture but the place.

Cara and Brian at dinner one night.

We ate a LOT of Mexican food. It all was great but I recommend Freds in old town. It was our favorite. I love that the restaurants dont have to have covered porches or roofs because of how little it rains there.

We took a trolley tour while in San Diego and from now on I will not go to a city on vacation without taking some kind of tour. It was amazing to learn stuff you would never know otherwise.

I know I sound like a geek but let me tell you the stuff that really stuck out to me. We saw the Bar in which the bar scene in Top Gun was shot. We saw the street in top gun where Tom Cruise rides off when his girl imbarrases him. Anyways Cason is a huge top gun fan so I was pretty pumped to tell him. We also learned a lot more that I could tell you but I wouldnt get it right if I tried to tell you. History mumbo jumbo. Just kidding it was all cool even the real history!


Kristin said...

What a fun trip! Matt may be going to San Diego for a conference in January or February. Maybe I should tag along!

LeslieJ said...

so fun! i would LOVE to go to san diego, it looks (and sounds) beautiful!

Amanda's News said...

FUN!!! I wish I could have been there with you:) I love anything Disney!!!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Looks like ya'll had alot of fun!