Monday, November 30, 2009

I love you mommy....

I know it has been forever since I last post but I promise it is only because of computer issues. I have sooo much to write about but when it takes 30 min per picture to load its not worth my precious alone time.
which leads me into my reason for blogging now.
I am trying to pay bills right now on our ancient computer and it can be very frustrating. I started when Reese was in the kitchen in her high chair eating breakfast. The reason I did that is because she always wants to be in here with me, In my lap pushing buttons. or as she is doing right this second climbing over me grabbing things off the desk, papers are falling all over the floor. SOOOOO ITTTTS TOOOO HARD to do with her awake!!!

I am writing because as a parent I find staying calm is an everyday struggle. They push every single button that I have. With their daddy gone ALL the time (thank you cason for working so hard for us, don't take this blog the wrong way. I feel blessed for how hard you work for us!) it is exhausting!!!!
Soooo.... this morning as I am trying to keep my cool as she is pushing buttons on things I am paying for. (I am trying to pay $20 for something and she is adding some zeros right as I am pushing confirm.) I start to completely looooosssee it until she wraps those sweet little arms around my neck and says "I love you mommy, you a good mommy" MELT MY HEART!!!! Suddenly who cares if we just paid our visa bill $200,000 we will fix that later (plus it wont go through anyways, worst case we will owe the bank an overdraft fee on top of the $200,000) because she is what is the most important thing right now. I felt the need to blog about this for my own memory sake. These are the things I want to keep with me forever. But I have got to go because she is not in here and the house is way tooo quiet and with a 2 year old that is NEVER a good thing. (FYI:Parker is at his Nana's house)

Also I just wanted to add to anyone who is close to the George/Ezell family that I am so sorry for this GREAT loss and our prayers are with all of you. May God give you all strength and I pray you feel his arms wrapped around you as they are also around Misty right now too!! I heard that Jeremy had said something about her "finally finding her peace". I pray that God will give all of you some kind of peace in this world until you can be with her again. Thank God for what he and his precious son did so that death is not the end. There is comfort in knowing that we will see her and others we have lost again one day. But in the days left for all of us on this earth, I pray he will give us endurance to finish the race and that he will bring joy to all of us again. Misty was one of the kindest souls I have ever known. It is rare to find a person who is truly kind all the way to the core. Misty was one of those people. She will be missed!!!!

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Amanda's News said...

I can just picture Reese doing that too!
Next time we talk please tell me what in the world is going on with that last paragraph.
Thomas asked me the other day if he was going to see Parker for Christmas. I said, no but maybe at Easter. Then he said, Oh but Easter is so very far away.
Melts my heart. We miss you guys!!!