Friday, September 11, 2009

summer 09 part 1....

Amanda and I at the water park. It is so much fun to have a friend who not only enjoys the same things you do but also is just as crazy/silly as i am. It makes me feel younger and happier just to be around her.

The next day the kids and I left to go to mboro. We dropped Reese off with Grammy and Parker and I went to see 2 of our most favorite people ever, Amanda and Thomas. One day Matt (who FYI is getting a shout out because he was awesome. He watched the kids for us every time they napped or went to bed so that Amanda and I could go out and do stuff. He was a huge part of making this trip awesome!!!) watched the younger 2 boys. Thomas, Amanda, Parker and myself went on a double date to the water park. It was a awesome day!!!

This is Parker' s make shift birthday hat. This cake is supposed to look like a hamburger. pretty cool looking but tasted yucky!!!!

Cason's 27th birthday...
we had a early little party for him since The kids and I were going to be gone and he was going to be working on the actual day. Mom, Dad, Chad, Natalie, and Daniel came over for some bbq and hamburgers.

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