Friday, January 8, 2010

The Childrens Museum 9/09

Nice face PArk. My 2 dancing machines

If you ever loose Reese in the CM. go to the disco room. SHE LOVES IT!!!!

I love this picture of Reese for some reason.

there are not words to describe this friendship. One of a kind for sure.

Thomas just makes me laugh. He is you Amanda. All you!!!

loves to dress up.

so sweet.

OHHHH these two...maybe we should keep them separated.

They just look like trouble.

Then there is these 2 dorks.

this was so funny as it was happening and is even funnier to me know.

It is great to have friends that you can act like a total dork with.... right AManda.

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Amanda's News said...

And then we have those two dorks:) You crack me up! HILARIOUS!!!!