Friday, January 8, 2010

My little cowboy.

Parker & Mommy

making trail mix

more trail mix.

Parker, Zoe, and Ashley

My little cowboy had to catch a nap on the way to school.

I love Cowboys!

Nana made his get up. Way to go Nana!
Parker's school is AWESOME. His teachers this year are truly nothing short of angels! They love these kids like they were their own and that is so refreshing given everything you hear these days. They are also really Fun and do really fun stuff for the kids. It makes mom's like myself who sometimes feel guilty because their kids dont actually have to go to school yet a peace of mind. Parker wants to be there because of all the fun things they do.
Here he is on cowboy day all decked out. They brought a saddle and put it on the book shelf and then took parker's stick horse and put the head coming out of the saddle and let the kids pretend to ride it. So creative. I love it! Mom got wind of Cowboy day and did her normal thing and dressed him up to the nines.

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