Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This is the best picture I could get tonight.
He was already asleep and I didnt want to wake him.

My baby is sleeping in a big boy bed and he LOVES it!! I was kind of nervous that when he got home and found his crib had been replaced with a big boy bed that I may be having a few sleepless nights. However this doesn't seem to be the case. He slept in it last night all by himself and only got out of it once (of course I threatened him with a spanking if he got out again) but he really likes it. All day today I couldn't find him and I would be looking all around our house (No, our house is not that big, he likes to hide) and sure enough I would find him in his bed. When he would see me he would say with such pride "look mommy I am in my big boy bed". He did great at nap time as well. I am so relived that it is going this well. Tonight my mom was talking to him about how Reese had a crib because she was a baby and he had a big boy bed because he was a big boy and he looked at her and said "Reese is not a boy". Like why in the world would she have a boy bed. He totally missed the big part. So funny!!! I will be adding pictures to both this blog and the last one once my camera is charged, so be on the look out.


Kristin Nichols said...

Yeah for Parker! I love his little quotes. Too cute!

Amanda's News said...

I can't wait to see all these changes you've made to your house! Can you believe Parker is in a big boy bed now? Not your little baby anymore:( At least that's what Matt kept telling me about Thomas...whatever! Love to hear Parker stories:)