Saturday, September 29, 2007


This is the Zebra Costume I got today for $2 in GREAT condition!!
Did I mention he LOVES it!!
I got 90% of this from a consignment sale or a yard sale. Most of it looks like it has not even been worn yet. Some still have the tags on them.
2 Months ago Parker had NO winter clothes, Now thanks to consignment and yard sales he has more than he can wear.

I have found a new hobby and I LOVE it! I find myself looking forward to Friday and Saturday mornings. My friend Kimberly is the one who really got me started. She has made it an art form. The night before she gets the paper and finds the sales with the things that she is interested in. Then she takes a map and maps out her route for the next. She doesn't stop at any along the way until she has hit the ones on her list. She always finds exactly what she is looking for and usually at a fourth of the cost. It is almost crazy how it always works out for her.

While in Georgia my Nanny and I needed something fun to do together and since she also enjoys yard saleing we decided to make that our Friday morning bonding time. It was a BLAST! I also hit the jack pot at a couple of yard sales and at one in particular I got Parker a whole new winter wardrobe. Which is great because kids clothes are so expensive when you think about how they can only wear them for a couple of months.

I got so hooked that when we stopped in M'boro on our way home My mother in law and I went yard saleing in her area. Once again hit the jackpot but this time for Reese. It is so exciting to find things that you have just seen in a store that you wanted to buy so badly but couldn't and then you find it for $2 in a yard sale.

This weekend Kimberly came in town with her 2 kids, Wyatt and Drew. This morning my sweet and husband and brother woke up at 7:30am to watch all 3 of the kids so that Kimberly and I could go yard saleing. Yet again we had a great day. We got so much good stuff that I am not sure where it is all going to go in our little house. One of the things that I got today was a zebra costume for Parker. He LOVES animals!! After I showed it to him today he immediately wanted to put it on and then had to wait until his Nana and Tribby came over and saw it before he would take it off. It makes you feel really good when you get a costume that is in perfect condition, from the Gap, for $2, and your little guy LOVES it!

This is why I think EVERYONE should yard sale. It is so much fun!!!!


Amanda's News said...

I love his zebra costume! The red cast just adds some flare to it:) I think you are set with clothes for Reese and Parker.

Playroom looks great! Can't wait to see it in person. Parker's big boy bed looks so good in his room. Where did you get it? Your parents deserve lots of lovin for doing that bathroom! It is just beautiful:)

Kristin Nichols said...

I love yard sales too! It is amazing what you can find and for so cheap (usually). It really bugs me when people expect you to pay top dollar for their junk.

Parker looks so cute in his zebra costume! What a great buy!

Blessed said...

I want to go yardsaling (is that a word?) with you!!! Looks like you know how to shop them. I have NO problem with yardsales and actually love having them, I just never get up that early to go. I need to, though. Let me know next time you go.