Friday, March 20, 2009

High School Reunion

top row:(Ranata holding KR, Stephanie, Amanda holding Hannah, Jamie, Amy carrying baby in belly, Melissa holding Elizabeth.)
bottom row: (Reese, Me, Parker, and Heather holding Beau.)

Last month I met a few of my friends from high school at chic-fil-a. We had to hunt for a chic-fil-a that had a play ground so that all of our kids could play while we caught up. It was a little crazy to see everyone with kids. Most had kids, one was pregnant, and 2 are doing very well for themselves career wise. It was awesome to see everyone again. It was really neat how we all just seemed to pick back up where we left off 10 years ago......10 YEARS YIKES!!!!!
It was also a little bitter sweet when it was time to go, knowing that it might be a while until we see each other again. luckily I think we are having a reunion this fall and that helped knowing that it may only be 6 months and not another 10 years before we are back together. Since not everyone got to come maybe next time the other girls will be able to come.
****Ranata,Stephanie, Amanda,Jamie,Melissa,Amy,& Heather: If any of you girls read this I can not tell you how much I appreciate you packing up yourself (and kids if you had them) and coming out on a yucky rainy night to get together. It had been way too long for most of us! All of you are really special people in my life and I hope that this will be something we do again. I love you all and cant wait to see you in the fall!!!!

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