Friday, March 20, 2009

Where we've been and Who's been to see us!


Anna Clay and Reese

When Anna Clay came to see Reese in February.

"Im ready for my close up"

Caleb, Taylor, Reese, & Parker

at Aunt Charlotte's house in Atlanta.

in february

Ellie and Cason playing the DS.
in February

Parker was the main picture taker but someone finally got it from him to be able to take his picture.


~by Parker

Brotherly love
in January

This is most likely the calm before the storm.

His new thing. He Loves his guitar.

Her new thing. She loves head bands
Reese is all girl, she loves hair bows, jewlery, make up, and dolls.

Reese has got her Tribby right where she wants him...wrapped tightly around her finger!

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