Friday, March 20, 2009

I CUT THE MULLET...(Reese's first hair cut)

I know I know it is bad! this is the worst view, the others are not this bad!
This angle is not so bad. The hair in the back sticking up is not my fault that is just the crazy hair she was delt.

Her hair is starting to dry more in this picture and the curls are starting to come out.

she is also very camera shy.......


I cut Reese's hair this morning. I am not very good at cutting a straight line on paper, so I dont know why I thought it would be any different on my wiggly 1 year old. I messed up and Its all uneven. Actually its REALLY uneven but luckily for me She has curls so I am hoping that the curls will hide my lack of skill. She was developing an AWESOME mullet. The top of her hair is not growing and the sides and back are growing at a rapid pace. When I would put a bow in her hair it would help to make it not look so mullety but lately even the bows were not hiding the mullet. Now she has a way short do thanks to my cutting skills.
Anyways I thought I should document this special occasion no matter how bad of a job it is.


Amanda's News said...

Who knew you were such a dare devil:) I'm not great with the scissors either, but you did a good job cutting her hair. Andrew is in need of his first hair cut and he is only 2 months! Reese is looking so big! I hate not living close by so your kids know me:( I guess you will just have to show them pictures of me on the blog:) I like the wall colors too! I don't think you had painted all the walls when I was there in Oct. I can't wait to see all the updates you have made to the house. Just a few more weeks and we will be there!!!!

Jeannette said...

at least you attempted to cut her hair. I have to take Jaxson over to Whitney because I have no clue how to cut hair or use clippers!